Still a coup?

A military coup occurred against Hondurans on 28 June 2009 to further consolidate national and international capitalist interests. Despite massive repression, people took the streets everyday stopping business for about 150 days. There has been around one political assassination a week all through, it fluctuates, but it never stopped. Only news and information is less readily available over time and there is more political persecution than reported, perhaps massively so. The defacto repressive regimes have been: Micheletti, followed by Lobo, now fraudulently governing is JOH – Juan Orlando Hérnandez. One of the themes of the coup was the regime taking action to prevent participatory democracy – 4ta urna was smashed – and taking down any possible barriers from Honduras become the most desirable possible to sell whatever available to investors. The impunity and neoliberalism lived today largely caused by the regimes and allies of the regimes, and also globally – the system we live in’s ongoingness creates this…this impunity and neoliberalism affects all sectors of social movements in Honduras.

Check the tab that opens up on the left when you click on it, in it you will find the monthly summaries that are for use and sharing and republishing or just reading, and some other bits and pieces like solidarity actions that have taken place in Sydney Australia. Please note that material previously published on is not all transferred across well properly. If there is something you need from archives before February 2014 (date of this site starting) please email and _ will do _ best to assist. The change in website is because the other site asked for a $60 annual fee to continue.



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